Pan-fried Meatloaf Cutlets Recipe

Before the glaze These pan-fried meatloaf cutlets are a somewhat different take on the classic meatloaf. They're essentially what you'd have if you made a normal meatloaf, cut it into slices, and then fried those slices. In fact, you can probably make an actual meatloaf with these same ingredients (though I've never tried). After the … Continue reading Pan-fried Meatloaf Cutlets Recipe

French Toast with Blueberry Sauce Recipe

I've never been a fan of french toast with syrup; it always seems too heavy, and leaves me feeling arguably worse than before I ate it. However, this French Toast with Blueberry Sauce is another story. The sauce is not only better tasting than your average table syrup, but it's significantly less... we'll say decadent, … Continue reading French Toast with Blueberry Sauce Recipe