Bananabread Oatmeal

I've never been much of an oatmeal eater. It's fine enough, especially with salt+butter or fresh fruit, but it's only ever fine. However, I think this bananabread oatmeal changes that. It's great in its own right, but it's also great oatmeal. I never thought I'd use those words together, but there it is. The cooking … Continue reading Bananabread Oatmeal

Black Bean Enchiladas – SometimesDinner

These may not be the most glamorous enchiladas you'll ever have, but they're cheap to make, fast, and couldn't be easier. This recipe calls for both canned beans as well as pre-made sauce, making things even faster and more simple. I originally planned on making a sauce for these. However, after several iterations and tweaks, … Continue reading Black Bean Enchiladas – SometimesDinner

Foolproof Rice in the Oven – SometimesDinner

Whether you're an aspiring foodie or a kitchen amateur, you've probably tried making rice at some point. You've also probably failed at making rice at some point. This seemingly-easy-to-make grain has thwarted many meals and broken many cook's spirits. From overcooked and mushy to half-done and grainy, this pantry staple has done a lot of … Continue reading Foolproof Rice in the Oven – SometimesDinner