Easy Cabbage Steaks Recipe

Introduction Cabbage is something I've always struggled with finding uses for. It usually only comes in the form of a large, leafy head, which yields quite a lot of food. Discovering Korean street toast helped, but I'm always at a loss when faced with the last half of cabbage. Enter cabbage steaks, which are a … Continue reading Easy Cabbage Steaks Recipe

The Best Oven-baked Chicken Breast

Introduction If you've ever tried meal prepping or just eating better, you've probably been disappointed by a homemade meal. If chicken was involved, then dry, overcooked chicken breast was probably the cause of your kitchen woes. Thankfully, there's an easy fool-proof way to save yourself from more crippling disappointment. Even better, all you need for … Continue reading The Best Oven-baked Chicken Breast

How to Make Oven-roasted Potato Wedges

Introduction If I had to pick a favorite food, potatoes would probably be my choice. They're cheap, have a decent shelf life, and have lots of culinary applications. I'd say they're most often associated with being fried, or covered in cheese or a hearty gravy. Those are surely the most delicious applications, and these potato … Continue reading How to Make Oven-roasted Potato Wedges

How to Make Egg Rolls in an Air Fryer

Introduction If you've ever gotten Chinese takeout, you've probably eaten an egg roll before. Put simply, they're a mixture of vegetables (and often meat) wrapped in a doughy shell. Said wrap is then fried in oil, giving it the classic golden-brown hue and a crunchy exterior. While they're very tasty, they're not exactly healthy. Sure, … Continue reading How to Make Egg Rolls in an Air Fryer

Easy Pizza Pasta Recipe

Introduction Nowadays, having a fast, easy and tasty meal in your culinary repertoire seems more important than ever. Unfortunately, finding something that ticks all those boxes can be difficult. This pizza pasta does not only that, but is surprisingly customizable. You can change the pasta shape, the cheese you use, and there's no shortage of … Continue reading Easy Pizza Pasta Recipe

3 Easy Healthy Snacks for 2022

A bowl filled with cottage cheese, topped with pineapple and cashews

While eating healthy meals is important, I'd argue having healthy snacks is even more important. Since they're not usually planned ahead, it's easy to find yourself halfway through a family-sized bag of chips, wondering how this could've happened. In this post, I'm sharing three easy, healthy snacks for 2022. They're all fast to put together, … Continue reading 3 Easy Healthy Snacks for 2022

My Top 5 Low-calorie Recipes

Introduction Whether we like it or not, watching your calories is an important part of weight loss and health management. Consuming too many calories can lead to weight gain, which could lead to further health complications. Thankfully, something doesn't have to be high-calorie to be delicious. In this post, I'm highlighting my five favorite calorie-conscious … Continue reading My Top 5 Low-calorie Recipes

3 Healthy Breakfast Toast Recipes for 2022

A white plate with two pieces of bread topped with cream cheese, cashews and blueberries

Introduction Blueberry Cashew Toast Breakfast is arguably the most difficult meal to plan for. Since it's eaten early in the day, you rarely have time to "get it together" before your day begins. Thankfully, there are ways of making breakfast not only fast and easy, but healthy, too. With this post, I'm showing you 3 … Continue reading 3 Healthy Breakfast Toast Recipes for 2022

The Best Dieting Strategies for 2022

Introduction If you're anything like me, you've probably struggled with eating reasonably in the past. Whether that's not eating the right foods, eating too many unhealthy foods, or simply bingeing, I'd say most of us have been there. Thankfully, it's never too late to start eating better. In this post, I'm showing you my favorite … Continue reading The Best Dieting Strategies for 2022