Pizza Quesadillas Recipe

These pizza quesadillas are a simple and extra-hearty lunch or dinner idea. They only take a few ingredients - which you probably already have on hand - and they're pretty quick to make, too! What You Need to Make Them To make these quesadillas you'll need things like cheese, pepperonis, and medium-sized tortillas. Cheese Any … Continue reading Pizza Quesadillas Recipe

Egg-free Breakfast Bakes Recipe

These egg-free breakfast bakes are an extra-hearty version of a traditional breakfast sandwich. They use a dollop of mashed potato instead of egg, giving them a mini casserole motif. What You Need to Make Them To make these you'll need things like ham, cheese, and mashed potatoes. Ham For the ham, any thin-sliced deli ham … Continue reading Egg-free Breakfast Bakes Recipe

Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad Recipe

This cilantro lime quinoa salad brings a familiar flavor combination to an exceedingly popular grain. The cilantro and lime bring a bright, fresh taste that work very well with the quinoa's earthy, somewhat bitter flavor. What You Need to Make It The things you need to make this are mostly in the title. Namely: cilantro, … Continue reading Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad Recipe

Spam Fried Rice Recipe

This spam fried rice is an interesting twist on a usual meat-fried rice. It uses ingredients you'd find in something like chicken fried rice, but the spam really provides a unique flavor. What You Need to Make It To make this spam fried rice, you'll need things like day-old rice, eggs, and of course, spam. … Continue reading Spam Fried Rice Recipe