White Chocolate Ganache Cake Recipe

This cake is an extra-decadent dessert that uses multiple kinds of chocolate. The top is made of a smooth and rich ganache, with white chocolate spread throughout the cake and on top of said ganache. This makes the cake not only visually striking, but pretty darn tasty, too. What You Need to Make It To … Continue reading White Chocolate Ganache Cake Recipe

Blueberry Dutch Baby Recipe

This blueberry dutch baby is an easier, less sweet version of your typical American pancake. It's also easier, and doesn't involve standing in front of a hot burner while spooning batter, little by little. It also contains no sugar aside from the fruit, and is only as difficult as blending a few ingredients together. While … Continue reading Blueberry Dutch Baby Recipe

Very Veggie Meatloaf Recipe

This meatloaf is a fairly standard cafeteria-style meatloaf with a few small twists. If you want your meatloaf as simple as possible, they're easy to work around. Either way, this easy-to-make recipe of an American classic is a great one to keep on hand. Meatloaf, With a Twist The first thing to know about this … Continue reading Very Veggie Meatloaf Recipe